PIB Contractors undertakes a range of fit-out, refurbishment and new build projects. The company was contracted for a new-build project at Acton Gardens, a new neighbourhood in West London that incorporates apartments and townhouses and includes features to encourage sustainable living and reduce residents’ carbon footprint. Properties include green roofs, solar panels and an energy centre to supply some of the development’s heat and power. The project specified the use of cement particle boards in the high-rise buildings, and PIB Contractors initially put forward Euroform’s Versapanel, following value engineering from the supplier.

Following a recommendation for Versapanel that was signed off by the developer for Acton Gardens, Euroform introduced Versaliner to the UK market, a new product which offered many of the same properties as the Versapanel, but with the added benefit of snap-and-cut workability. Halfway through the project, PIB Contractors was able to change the specification for the CP boards and get sign off from the client for use of Versaliner, thanks to back-up from the Euroform technical team.

Danny White of PIB Contractors said: “The Versaliner appealed to us because it is lighter and easier to work with, so it was better suited to this particular job, plus the cut-and-snap technique means there is minimal dust.

“The Euroform team are great – really good on the technical side and their expertise helped us convince the developer that Versaliner was the right choice for Acton Gardens. The team are happy to get involved in the detail and always able to answer technical questions. If there are any problems, they will send someone down to site to run through with you and help find a solution,” he continued.

The apartments at Acton Gardens are seven storeys high, or around 21 metres, and constructed with a concrete frame, three cores and balcony areas. Versaliner was used under a vapour control layer which was then covered with rigid foil-faced insulation. The building was finished with vertical brick channels which were filled in with brickwork, with some small areas of insulated render.

As well as expert advice from the Euroform team, PIB Contractors also benefited from the convenience of delivery from a local supplier – SIG Insulation.

“We got the technical expertise from Euroform but the ease of ordering through a local supplier, who can deliver in smaller bundles as the product is required,” said Danny.

“We would 100 per cent use Versaliner again,” he concluded. “It is easy to work with and ticks a health-and safety box, as it minimises the inhalation of dust.”